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Baylor School


P.O. Box 1337
Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA

Some think a good school means good test scores. If that's the case, we're in fine shape (remind us to introduce you to our students who earned perfect scores on the SAT and the National Latin Exam). When the national Advanced Placement program was first rated in 1954, and schools outside New England were allowed to enter, Baylor was the only institution south of Virginia and east of the Mississippi that qualified to participate. Fifty years later, Baylor students can choose from college-level AP courses in 22 subjects, ranging from Studio Art to Environmental Science. No wonder more than 80 percent who take our AP exams qualify for college credit or waivers. Naturally, we take pride in excellence. But at Baylor, we see so much more in our students. We see the artist, the tutor, the techie, and the scientist. The dancer, the writer, the swimmer, and the diplomat. For every face on campus, there's a singular story of accomplishment. And for most, that story starts at Baylor. A Baylor School education can lead anywhere. How far will you go? The first step in finding out is to contact our admission office. We'd be happy to send more information, answer any questions, or schedule a tour....

Grades Offered: 9 to 12
School Type: Co-ed
Religious Affiliation: All Religions Welcome
Year Founded Size: 1893
Post-Grad Year: No
Saturday Classes: No
Classroom Dress Code: n/a
Average Class Size: 20 Students
ESL Courses: No
Summer Program: No