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Cedar Ridge Academy/Cedar Ridge RTC

The Cedar Ridge behavior management system is based on the BoyĂs Town model of social skills and a system of levels that denotes progress through issues. We place a heavy emphasis on role modeling. Our mission: ˘Through modeling and teaching we guide youth in a process of positive behavioral change as they acquire the skills and self-knowledge needed to form healthy relationships with others and utilize their individual inner strengths to become mature, well-balanced, productive persons.÷ Daily life includes a weekday schedule that begins at 7 AM with breakfast and cleanup. School is from 8 AM to noon and from 1 PM to 3:25, Monday-Friday. Karate classes serve as the lifetime fitness program and also provide a therapeutic experience. Off-campus karate tournaments occur a few times a year. On weekends, students participate in regular household chores, landscaping projects, construction projects, animal care, gardening during the appropriate seasons, and off-campus outings. In addition to karate, students participate in basketball, volleyball, and softball....

School Focus:
  • Private Boarding School
Grades Offered: 6 to 12
School Type: Co-ed
Religious Affiliation: All Religions Welcome
Post-Grad Year: No
Saturday Classes: No
Classroom Dress Code: n/a
Average Class Size: 10 Students
ESL Courses: No
Summer Program: No