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Phillips Exeter Academy
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20 Main Street
Exeter, New Hampshire, USA

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Accelerated Schools

2160 South Cook Street
Denver, Colorado, USA Show Phone Number   

Focuses on fast academic progress. Boarding provided by local host families. Dedicated to excellence in education through independent study, using individually prescribed instructional and motivational systems, our program is designed to quickly improve a student's performance in every academic area. Students progress so rapidly that most who start below grade level are effectively doing superior work after one or two semesters. All courses include supplemental or enrichment materials so students can experience continuous challenge and success. We provide effective learning environments where students learn and practice procedures and skills of Accelerated Thinking while mastering required curriculum areas....

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Admiral Farragut Academy

501 Park St. N.
St. Petersburg, Florida, USA Show Phone Number   

Preparatory school with Naval training. The Mission of Admiral Farragut Academy is to provide a college preparatory environment that promotes academic excellence, leadership skills, and social development within a diverse community of young men and women. We are committed to helping our students on their journeys of self-discovery. We will model integrity, self-discipline, perseverance and wellness while preparing them for 21st century challenges within a global society....

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Brandon Hall School

1701 Brandon Hall Drive
Atlanta, Georgia, USA Show Phone Number   

With a focus on the individual, Brandon Hall is designed for college bound students who, for a variety of reasons, need very small group or one-to-one class instruction in an educational environment that emphasizes organization, structure, accountability, the ordering of priorities, compensatory skills, and multi-sensory instruction. As an accredited, nonprofit, nonsectarian, coeducational day and boys’ boarding school for students in grades 4-12, Brandon Hall enrolls approximately 130 students with a very low pupil-teacher ratio. It has often been referred to as “the intensive care of education” because of its small classes and effective programs for college bound students with learning...

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Canyonville Christian Academy

P.O. Box 1100
Canyonville, Oregon, USA Show Phone Number   

Canyonville Christian Academy is nothing like a traditional boarding school. It gives students the family atmosphere that they deserve to have a profound affect on their lives. With a 15:1 student ratio CCA gives students the education they need, while offering award winning programs and activities the students can enjoy. great student center/ gaming room PDF map done by professional artist of the campus – to scale very personal relationships with the students core values, ethics affordable small closeness of it not like a big traditional boarding school – family atmosphere profound effect on their lives small individualized instruction specific...

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Dana Hall School

45 Dana Road
Wellesley, Massachusetts, USA Show Phone Number   

Dana Hall School is committed to fostering excellence in academics, the arts, and athletics within a vibrant, caring community. With emphasis on integrity, leadership, diversity, and service as well as on respect for self and others, Dana Hall provides its students with a unique opportunity to prepare themselves for the challenges and choices they will face as women and citizens of the world. Diversity at Dana Hall Dana Hall School believes that diversity and multiculturalism are key elements in fostering excellence in every aspect of our community. We are committed to building an inclusive community that respects and affirms each...

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Riverside Military Academy

2001 Riverside Drive
Gainesville, Georgia, USA Show Phone Number   

For over 100 years Riverside Military Academy has produced young men of purpose, integrity, and character.  We offer a traditional, American-style education where personal values, honor, and love of country still matter.  Riverside is not owned or operated by any particular religious denomination, but supports the spiritual and educational goals of all families.    Upon graduation, a Riverside cadet has experienced the challenges of the military model of education and is completely prepared for the rigors of college.  He is poised, polite, and confident in any social environment.   Riverside cadets stand tall, offer a firm handshake, respect authority, and display...

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Florida Air Academy

1950 Academy Drive
Melbourne, Florida, USA Show Phone Number   

Florida Air Academy is Florida's premier college preparatory and military school. We offer day and boarding opportunities for young men and women in grades 6 – 12 as they grow in academics, character and leadership....

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Fork Union Military Academy

P.O. 278
Fork Union, Virginia, USA Show Phone Number   

For over a century, young men have found the route to college taking them first to a preparatory school in a small town in the countryside of Central Virginia. The town is Fork Union, near historic Charlottesville. The school is Fork Union Military Academy. The young men come from near and far and from all stations in life. They are a wide range of races, religions, talents and abilities. What they have in common is the desire to go to college one day, and parents and relatives who want them to have the education it takes to get there. Our...

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Hargrave Military Academy

200 Military Drive
Chatham, Virginia, USA Show Phone Number   

Hargrave Military Academy is a college preparatory secondary Boy’s military boarding school that espouses Christian values. The Academy provides a safe learning environment, and the daily structure provides a higher level of accountability and responsibility that is not present today. This basic concept enables young men to maximize their full potential. A Hargrave student is held to a much higher standard. Hargrave’s program not only equips students to excel in the classroom, but positions for college acceptance, and further success in their higher education endeavors. We have had a 99% college acceptance rate over the last eight years and recent...

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Marine Military Academy

320 Iwo Jima Blvd
Harlingen, Texas, USA Show Phone Number   

The school encourages self-reliance and self-discipline over self-indulgence and self-imposed limitations....

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Miss Hall's School

492 Holmes Road
Pittsfield, Massachusetts, USA Show Phone Number   

Miss Hall's School has chosen to date its founding from 1898, as that is when Miss Mira Hinsdale Hall began her forty-year leadership of the School, an era that brought the School to the forefront of women's independent secondary education. A broader historical view would be that the present school is a successor institution to one founded in 1800 by Miss Hall's great aunt, Nancy Hinsdale. That was the first girls' boarding school established in Massachusetts and the first attempt to provide advanced education for young women in the city of Pittsfield. The School evolved through various owners throughout the...

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Nawa Academy

17351 Trinity Mt. Rd.
French Gulch, California, USA Show Phone Number   

Experiential education utilizing a hands-on learning approach. Nawa Academy practices the proverb, "I heard and I forgot. I saw and I remembered. I did and I understood." In support of this, John Dewey, a progressive educator of the late 19th century, once said that the term, experiential education is redundant. In order to learn, we need to experience what we are studying. Quoting Mr. Dewey, "Experiential education is education, pure and simple."...

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Oak Creek Ranch School

P.O. Box 4329
West Sedona, Arizona, USA Show Phone Number   

Boarding School for Undermotivated Teens For 37 years we’ve been helping Undermotivated Teens, Academic Underachievers and Students with ADD ADHD reach their full potential. As one of the top ADD ADHD boarding schools in the country, we provide individualized programs, small classes, and a highly experienced faculty. Our programs are designed to help teens achieve their academic goals while gaining valuable social and interpersonal skills. The school's Leadership and Character Development program teaches under-motivated teens the importance of being responsible, keeping commitments and treating themselves and others with respect. Oak Creek Ranch School is a fully accredited, co-ed boarding school...

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Randolph-Macon Academy

200 Academy Drive
Front Royal, Virginia, USA Show Phone Number   

R-MA is America's oldest co-ed boarding school with Air Force JROTC. R-MA provides small classes, mentoring, and supervised study. Graduating classes average 3.7 million in college scholarships. R-MA offers AP and college courses, 20+ sports, a flight program, speech and debate, band, chorus, and drama. United Methodist Church-affiliated....

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Rocky Mountain Adventure Academy

P.O. Box 1173
Ouray, Colorado, USA Show Phone Number   

Independent, activity-oriented learning, with more emphasis on academic effort than on innate ability...

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Solebury School

P.O. Box 429
New Hope, Pennsylvania, USA Show Phone Number   

Solebury School is a coeducational, college preparatory, day and boarding school, for 220 students in grades 7-12, located in southeastern Pennsylvania. We think Solebury's been a too well kept secret. We want people to wake up and say, I didn't know this great school was out there and then come for a visit. Our small size, the individual attention we give our students and the deep mutual respect between faculty and students are the cornerstones of our success. Honors and AP courses, an ESL program for International students, a Learning Skills program, and a full range of arts, athletics and...

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Southwestern Academy (CA)

San Marino Campus
San Marino, California, USA Show Phone Number   

YOU BELONG AT SOUTHWESTERN ACADEMY Here, you can reach your highest potential, participate in sports and activities, and make lifelong friendships. Our students study on two picturesque and complementary campuses in San Marino, California, and Rimrock, Arizona. At Southwestern Academy: * A rigorous curriculum prepares students for college * A supportive, caring community makes every student feel included * Small class sizes offer personal attention * An intensive ESL Program teaches English quickly * Our dedicated faculty inspire students * Two distinctive campuses provide beautiful settings * Extracurricular activities build well-rounded students * The international student body promotes multi-cultural understanding...

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Squaw Valley Academy

235 Squaw Valley Road
Olympic Valley, California, USA Show Phone Number   

SQUAW VALLEY ACADEMY is a college-preparatory international boarding school at Lake Tahoe for grades 6-12. We enroll students who need the structure of small classes, two-hour evening study halls, and weekend activities. As the oldest private school at Lake Tahoe, founded in 1978, the individual needs of each student remain an integral part of Squaw Valley Academy campus life. Our staff and faculty believe self-esteem is enhanced through real accomplishment in the academic, athletic, and social aspects of life at a boarding school. All students participate in Outdoor Education that integrates the math, science, and humanities curricula outside the traditional...

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The Andrews School

38588 Mentor Avenue
Willoughby, Ohio, USA Show Phone Number   

The Andrews School offers a college-prepatory curriculum with Honors, Advanced Placement, and Independent Study courses available in all major subject areas. Each year 100% of graduates are accpeted to 4-year accredited colleges and universities....

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The Delphian School

20950 SW Rock Creek Road
Sheridan, Oregon, USA Show Phone Number   

The Delphian School began as the dream of a small group of educators in the early 1970s to build a new kind of learning environment....

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The Storm King School

314 Mountain Road
Cornwall-on-Hudson, New York, USA Show Phone Number   

Welcome to this cherished place on the mountain, where students and faculty connect with each other and challenge each other every day to do more and thereby to have more fun. We care about the Gordian Knots of chemistry and math, the transit of Venus, the PCB’s in the Hudson, the short stories of James Joyce, and the character of international debates. What is serious fun? It is having a sense of humor and of play, a gathering of minds to solve a challenge, an impromptu muster of creative energy and a warm embracing community. Satisfaction comes from being applauded...

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Thomas Jefferson School

4100 South Lindbergh Blvd.
Saint Louis, Missouri, USA Show Phone Number   

Welcome to Thomas Jefferson School (TJ), a small but far-reaching coed boarding and day school for grades 7 to 12. We offer a core classical curriculum to students from St. Louis to Shanghai, Little Rock to Nowy Sacz. We are a community of diverse minds who share the highest standards and seek "to lift up the world with beauty and intellect. In my 44 years at TJ, I have come to know a great many students. They are truly diverse and can't be categorized as any particular type, but they share common denominators - energy, independence, an interest in their...

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Verde Valley School

3511 Verde Valley School Road
Sedona, Arizona, USA Show Phone Number   

A school is many things, but first and last it ought to be a place where young people learn how to think for themselves. At Verde Valley School, however, our mission is more ambitious. A genuinely educated person is not simply one who has attained impressive academic and professional success. Our sights are set on higher ground, difficult terrain which tests and animates our teaching and our learning. Ours is a legacy shaped by earnest and bold endeavor. At VVS, citizenship and courage and a commitment to the improvement of the world are our standards. And so it is that...

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Walnut Hill School

12 Highland Street
Natick, Massachusetts, USA Show Phone Number   

Founded in 1893 by Wellesley College graduates Florence Bigelow and Charlotte Conant, Walnut Hill School was at the forefront of education for young women for more than 80 years. Even as a traditional private boarding school for girls, Walnut Hill had a strong arts program. Walnut Hill was home to acclaimed Fenway Studio artist and teacher Marion Pooke, and also counts Pulitzer Prize–winning author Elizabeth Bishop '30 among its graduates. In the late 1970’s, Walnut Hill became a coeducational school and expanded its mission as a school for the arts. In 1988, Walnut Hill became the first school in the...

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