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Mark A. Burdick Ph.D. - sed Educational Psychologist


415 Cambridge Avenue
Palo Alto, California, USA

My Troubled Teen is an online resource for parents looking for help with their troubled youth. We have a large directory of boarding schools, boot camps, military schools, private schools, residential treatment centers, Christian programs and wilderness programs, each varying in the level of therapy and services they provide to teens. We also have other resources for parents of troubled teens including articles on parenting and youth warning signs. Do you need help with your child? Has your child drastically changed his/her behavior recently? Does your child suffer from ADHD, ADD, ODD, Hyperactivity, Learning Disabilities or Emotional Abuse? Are they having problems with drug or alcohol abuse, lack of respect, disruptive behavior, talking back, sneaking out or ditching school? Are you ready to give up?...

School Type: Co-ed