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Welcome to SageWalk, the School for Troubled Teen Boys and GirlsSageWalk, The Wilderness School for troubled teen students, is a therapeutic wilderness program that serves as an intense intervention program for troubled teens between the ages of 13 and 17 who may be experiencing emotional, academic, and/or behavioral problems. SageWalk provides help for troubled teens and help for troubled children by bringing students and instructors together to live in a nature-based setting that provides an opportunity to learn about the natural environment, wilderness-oriented survival techniques, interpersonal relationships, communication skills, and accepting responsibility for actions and consequences.During this program for troubled teens and children, students participate in a variety of activities that include, but are not limited to, group and individual therapy, academic studies, primitive camping skills, navigation and orienteering skills, service projects, goal setting workshops, food preparation, backpacking, and journal writing. SageWalk is designed to engage the students as quickly as possible so they receive the maximum benefit from their participation in the program. Therefore, SageWalk is genuine help for troubled children and help for troubled teens. It is not a boot camp nor is it a typical troubled-teen wilderness camp, and does not subscribe to a philosophy of deprivation. Instead, we provide the student with all essential gear and equipment upon enrollment. As a student progresses in the program, they have the opportunity to offer up their comforts and replace them with their newly developed skills. The result is a faster, more impactive experience that allows each student to focus on why they are at SageWalk rather than being at SageWalk....

School Focus:
  • Wilderness Program
Grades Offered: 6 to 12
School Type: male
Religious Affiliation: All Religions Welcome
Post-Grad Year: No
Saturday Classes: No
Classroom Dress Code: n/a
Average Class Size: 10 Students
ESL Courses: No
Summer Program: No