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Massachusetts Private Boarding Schools

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Academy at Swift River

Cummington, Massachusetts, USA Show Phone Number   

Coed, therapeutic college prep boarding school with emotional growth component; primarily serves students with learning disabilities, individuals with Attention Deficit Disorder, behavioral problems and dyslexic students....

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Bement School

Deerfeild, Massachusetts, USA Show Phone Number   

The Bement School provides an education based on time-honored school traditions and values for children in kindergarten through ninth grade, day and boarding. From the classrooms to the dorms, we live and learn as a family, while encouraging responsibility for our own work and actions. Bement actively seeks an academically diverse, international, and multi-cultural student body. Students and adults at Bement work together to create a climate of acceptance and kindness....

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Ben Lippen School

Deerfeild, Massachusetts, USA Show Phone Number   

The Bement School began in 1925 when Grace Menty Bement agreed to a request of Headmaster Frank Boyden of Deerfield Academy that she tutor one of his students. The school grew as word spread. Menty's emphasis was on the individual child-a revolutionary approach in those days. But the rights of the individual included a strong emphasis on the responsibility for the rights of others. The campus began to expand outward from Bement House. The Barn was renovated first to be a place for social gatherings and later to house drama and the arts. A stable was converted into Keith Schoolhouse....

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Eagle Hill School

Hardwick, Massachusetts, USA Show Phone Number   

Eagle Hill School is an independent, coeducational, college preparatory boarding school educating students in grades 8-12 with learning differences; including specific learning disabilities (LD) and/or Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). Eagle Hill also offers a six-week summer program for students ages 9-19 who have been diagnosed with learning disabilities (LD) and/or Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)....

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Bath, Massachusetts, USA Show Phone Number   

Offer students a variety of options to strengthen academic learning, accelerate personal growth, and experience a wide range of adventures...

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Interlochen Arts Academy

P.O. Box 199
Interlochen, Michigan, USA Show Phone Number   

Located in Michigan, Interlochen Arts Academy boarding high school prepares young artists for rewarding careers and fosters academic excellence. ......

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John Dewey Academy

Massachusetts, USA Show Phone Number   

College preparatory school for bright, angry, alienated adolescents...

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Landmark School

P.O. Box 227
Prides Crossing, Massachusetts, USA Show Phone Number   

School is ungraded and accepts boarding students ages 14-20 who have language-based learning disabilities....

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Landmark School

Prides Crossing, Massachusetts, USA Show Phone Number   

Landmark School is proud to receive the Pearl H. Reiger Award from the Rush Neurobehavioral Center in Chicago. This award recognizes Landmark as a model of what a school should be for children and adolescents with learning disabilities. Landmark School affects lives in the most positive ways and exemplifies what a school can actually do for these young people. Students in any setting can benefit from the strategies employed by Landmark School......

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Lawrence Academy

Powderhouse Road
Groton, Massachusetts, USA Show Phone Number   

Getting to know the three students on our home page should help you understand some of the ideas that we value at Lawrence Academy and the ways in which we believe we are different from other boarding schools that also champion excellence in all areas of school life. Let me highlight one important point: We believe that the person primarily responsible for everything that happens to you is the person you see in the mirror every day. That's why nothing really happens on our home page unless you make the first move until you literally grab a student and move...

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Lee Academy

26 Winn Road
Lee, Maine, USA Show Phone Number   

Lee Academy was founded in 1845 by strong-minded people who were determined to provide an educational institution for the growing region. We began as a school to train teachers for the many rural schools that dotted the countryside of eastern interior Maine. By the early 1900s, however, the state of Maine had assumed the responsibility of training teachers and the mission of the school shifted. Lee Academy became the major educational institution of the region east of Lincoln and as far as the Canadian border....

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Linden Hall School

Massachusetts, USA Show Phone Number   

Junior boarding school for learning differences...

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Linden Hall School for Girls

212 East Main Street
Lititz, Pennsylvania, USA Show Phone Number   

Linden Hall School is a small girls’ independent, college-preparatory, resident and day school in Lititz, Pennsylvania. The school, founded in 1746 by members of the Moravian Church, is extremely proud of its extensive and honorable history and carries the distinction of being the oldest and now one of the finest girls’ boarding schools in the United States. The Moravian ideals of education have been at the heart of Linden Hall since its founding. Linden Hall, now a nonsectarian school, originally subscribed to the progressive Moravian philosophy that encompassed three fundamental principles: first, that all females be thoroughly educated to become...

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Linden Hill School

154 South Mountain Road
Northfield, Massachusetts, USA Show Phone Number   

Linden Hill School, established in 1961 and located in Northfield, MA, is the country’s oldest junior boarding school for boys with language-based learning differences. The school’s mission is to narrow the gap between poor performance and high potential. Our goal is to help boys make the most of their capabilities and thus enable them to succeed not only in school, but in life. The program is designed to address the academic, social, emotional, and athletic needs of 9 to 16 year old boys with average to superior intelligence who have dyslexia or other language-based learning differences. Additionally, boys who wish...

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Lyman Ward Military Academy

POD 550
Camp Hill, Alabama, USA Show Phone Number   

Dear Parents of Prospective Cadets: Thank you for your interest in Lyman Ward Military Academy. We are happy that you are considering LWMA for your son and encourage you to visit the campus for a tour of our facilities and to meet our staff. We are dedicated to providing the best education in a structured, traditional military academy environment. The LWMA system is time-tested to develop the qualities of self discipline, teamwork, and respect for authority in our cadets that are needed to compete and thrive in the world that they will face as adults. The LWMA teaching faculty, military...

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Lyndon Institute

P.O. Box 127
Lyndon Center, Vermont, USA Show Phone Number   

Welcome and congratulations on discovering one of America's truly outstanding academic communities, a place where you can be who you really are today while you become who you hope to be tomorrow. Friendly, genuine, and welcoming, Lyndon Institute helps you to cultivate your authentic talents and individual interests, preparing you for success in college, in careers, and in life. Small enough so that your teachers know you well and large enough to offer award-winning programs in academics, arts, technologies, and athletics, Lyndon is the ideal size for a school. Here, actively involved students learn both from classroom theory and from...

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Maine Central Institute

125 South Main Street
Pittsfield, Maine, USA Show Phone Number   

• MCI, founded in 1866, has a rich educational tradition... • we offer a comprehensive educational program serving students with a wide range of abilities and interests... • we provide a safe, caring, supportive atmosphere... we are proud of our diverse student body... we offer extensive choices for athletic, extracurricular and academic enrichment opportunities... Maine was rated No. 1 in the nation - the highest performing K-12 education system - by the National Education Goals Panel (1999)... Maine has received national acclaim for our first-in-the-country focus on reforming our high schools (Promising Futures report, 1998) and has been engaged in...

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Massanutten Military Academy

614 S. Main Street
Woodstock, Virginia, USA Show Phone Number   

A College Preparatory Boarding School +Plus+ Leadership, Discipline, and Character Development Our mission is to provide each cadet with an academic, character, leadership and physical education of excellence, which ensures his/her development and readiness for college, leadership, and citizenship. Our mission is implemented with discipline, fostered with structure and a firm, fair, consistent and supportive environment. Our mission is established on the founding motto of the Academy, "Non Nobis Solum" ("Not for ourselves alone"), and based on the principles of Courage, Purity, and Industry....

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McCallie School

500 Dodds Avenue
Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA Show Phone Number   

The McCallie School is dedicated to the academic, physical, spiritual, and emotional growth of boys as they prepare for college and life. The school seeks to inspire and motivate them to: * strive for excellence in every endeavor; * pursue intellectual and spiritual truth; * lead lives of honor; * act responsibly in personal, family, and community relationships; and * demonstrate concern for the welfare of others....

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Mercersburg Academy

300 East Seminary Street
Mercersburg, Pennsylvania, USA Show Phone Number   

Mercersburg's proud history and rich traditions date back to 1836, when the Academy's predecessor, Marshall College, was founded at Mercersburg. Marshall College moved to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, in 1853, but the preparatory department of the college remained on its original site. It was chartered as Mercersburg College in 1865. In 1893, Mercersburg's board of regents elected William Mann Irvine to lead the institution. Within months, Dr. Irvine renamed the school Mercersburg Academy and reorganized it as a college-preparatory school based on the Exeter model. Dr. Irvine launched the new school in fall 1893 with forty boys, four instructors, and four acres...

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Middlesex School

1400 Lowell Road
Concord, Massachusetts, USA Show Phone Number   

In 1901, Frederick Winsor opened his school in Concord. Middlesex, named for the Massachusetts county in which it is located, was to be different from the other academies and "church schools" of the day. Mr. Winsor wanted his school to be non-denominational, where students from different religious backgrounds could learn together. From the very beginning, his mission was "to find the promise that lies hidden" in every student. The design for Middlesex's campus was created by the sons of Frederick Law Olmsted, the greatest landscape architect of the 19th century and the designer of New York's Central Park, Boston's Emerald...

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Midland School

P.O. Box 8
Los Olivos, California, USA Show Phone Number   

Since 1932, Midland has been setting itself apart from typical educational models. Academics are, of course, the first priority, but Midland students do much more than read books and take tests. For more than 75 years, Midland has involved itself in life prep, not just college prep, and Paul and Louise Squibb would be very pleased that the little school in the woods they founded in the midst of the Depression still teaches self-reliance, simplicity, and service. Calculus too. Midland is a fully accredited, all-boarding, co-educational college preparatory school, and a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation. As other schools get larger and...

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Millbrook School

School Road
Millbrook, New York, USA Show Phone Number   

he next best thing to a Millbrook School visit, is to sit back, relax, and click your way through our website. Get to know the beauty of our campus, the depth and richness of our programs, and the warmth and caring that define this 78-year-old institution. As headmaster since 1990, I take great pleasure in welcoming you to your cyber visit and hope that I will have the chance to meet you and to tell you about Millbrook in person soon. In the meantime, enjoy each and every stop on our site and don't hesitate to be in touch if...

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Miller School

1000 Samuel Miller Loop
Charlottesville, Virginia, USA Show Phone Number   

Miller School was founded in 1878 with a bequest of $1.1 million from Samuel Miller, who, as a boy, romped with his brother on the very acreage on which the school bearing his name is now situated. Near the village of Batesville, Samuel Miller was raised in abject poverty by a mother who realized the value of education and who used as much of her resources as possible to ensure that Samuel was tutored by a teacher who lived nearby. Samuel Miller learned well and, as an adult, used his education and his keen intelligence to earn a very handsome...

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Milton Academy

170 Centre Street
Milton, Massachusetts, USA

Milton's Bicentennial in 1998 marked the Academy's charter, given in 1798 under the Massachusetts land-grant policy. It bequeathed to the school a responsibility to "open the way for all the people to a higher order of education than the common schools can supply" (Richard Hale, Milton Academy, 1948). Milton was established as a coeducational day school, and preparation for college was the primary goal of the school's program. Just after the school's centennial, reacting to a marked increase in the interest of separate education for young women, the Academy was divided into separate schools. For many years, the Milton Academy...

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