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Bronte College of Canada


88 Bronte College Court
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Bronte College of Canada is a private, Co-educational boarding school offering Grades 9 to 12 and first year university credits. Committed to providing our students with a total learning experience, the nurturing and supportive environment provided by the small class sizes and the dedicated team of teachers gives students the means to achieve their full academic potential. Canadaís top universities have consistently opened their doors to graduates of our school. In fact, students may embark on their university education even before leaving Bronte. Advanced Placement (AP) courses, for example, enable students to earn credits towards their first-year university programs, and the University of Guelph, in cooperation with Bronte College, is now offering first year university degree equivalent courses at Bronte. Other programs offered include a co-op program and an ESL program, capable of accommodating every level of speaker. The Bronte College Summer Camp, first offered in 1996, combines English study with excursions to various exciting attractions. At Bronte, there is an abundance of facilities and services designed to nurture the academic capabilities of students. Whether they are attending the after-school tutorials, or speaking with one of our professionally trained academic counselors, students are given every opportunity to develop their potential and to make sound choices about their futures. In addition, Bronte recognizes the new demands that that Digital Age has placed upon students who wish to be competitive in the workforce. This is why we are so serious about being at the cutting edge of incorporating recent technology into student learning. Bronte College of Canada is located in Mississauga in the Greater Toronto Area, with easy access to the airport, and all services, such as banks, post offices, and shopping centres. The Bronte facilities are also designed with the studentís well-being and happiness in mind. Our new state-of-the-art fitness centre...

Grades Offered: 9 to 12
School Type: Co-ed
Religious Affiliation: All Religions Welcome
Post-Grad Year: No
Saturday Classes: No
Classroom Dress Code: n/a
Average Class Size: 15 Students
ESL Courses: No
Summer Program: Yes